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Scottsboro, Alabama has so many great unique things for a small town, its historical downtown backdrop, Neversink Pit, the infamous Unclaimed Baggage center and obviously its wonderful residents. But, it is missing something, it’s missing something to bring it all full circle..

That missing piece is a brand new haunted attraction called “Bedlam”.

Bedlam brings a new twist to your “traditional style” haunt experience. Bedlam is Alabama’s only true extreme haunted house. 

Ok, yes, I said, “Extreme”... Don’t run off, let me explain.

We’re not talking about extreme as in “the name we do not speak of” extreme. There is no torture fetish, simulated drowning, teeth pulling or hair cutting here.

But there will be aggressive touching and grabbing. They are able to pull this off without being Rated R, which most haunts who attempt to be rated R end up just being overly vulgar without any substance to it and curse just for the sake of cursing along with an excuse to get actresses to dress slutty or half naked. Most can’t do it without coming off like it was a pre-teens idea that was brought to life.

Bedlam however keeps a solid PG-13 rating while immersing you into their story scene by scene.

I do need to mention, the extreme portion is an upcharge from their regular price. You can still enjoy the experience without having to do the extreme thing, but I highly recommend doing it. You won’t get the full intended experience by going the easy route.

You do have to sign a waiver before entering the haunt. BUT,

Let me be clear on this again, these actors are trained to handle you in a way where you will NOT get injured or harmed. 

I was pushed up against the wall, tossed on a hospital bed, blood smeared on my face and neck, picked up and hauled off to a completely different scene. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or was I harmed. The actors did a wonderful job on handling the situations and that kind of acting.

I was highly entertained throughout the entire experience, not knowing what to expect in each and every scene. Not knowing what was going to happen to me next and that is what makes the Bedlam experience so much fun and nerve wrecking.

Bedlam truly puts you on edge with each and every step you take. 

For me, I got the extreme action right out the gate in the first scene and it never let up from that point on.

There are tons of scenes that you will venture into, some are put together real well while others just give off this gritty “Buffalo Bill '' vibe, which is terrifying in of itself.

I do love how the actors really interacted with the entire group, especially with the glow necklace patrons. They got us involved with the scene and made it fun for us and terrifying for others.

Before you begin your Bedlam experience, you have plenty to keep you entertained. You can enjoy a movie inside their theater room, mingle with the actors or head down the hallway to test out your ax throwing skills with Lizzie Borden Training Facility.

They also offer shaved ice outside the haunt that will come in handy during the beginning of Alabama Fall season. Let’s face it, it stays hot in Alabama throughout the majority of haunt season.

Get you a snow cone and come on inside and take full advantage of their indoor haunt.

Bedlam truly offers a fun but realistic terrifying experience that you will ONLY find in Scottsboro.

As I mentioned, don’t be a chicken and upgrade that ticket to the extreme, get you a hospital bracelet, sign that waiver and do this experience the right way!


In closing:

I did have a wonderful experience during my tour. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when arriving and didn’t know how the experience would turn out. There were excellent scenes and interactions throughout, one particular scene where the actor jumped out and I absolutely did not see it coming. I think I jumped 2 feet into the air and let out an obscenity or two. 

I do think the actors can push it a little further with the extreme portion and I also think it would be good to include the non extreme patrons to get more involved. Rule is, if you don’t upgrade, you won’t be touched. I think it would be fun to get them more involved. Have them mess with the extreme patrons or find ways to get them included more. That way they don’t feel left out or just standing there watching in certain scenarios.

Bedlam brings a fresh new start for Scottsboro. With the bad taste lingering about haunted houses in that area. Bedlam comes in and erases that bad taste with their leadership, staff and passion for putting on a safe, fun, unique show for haunt fans everywhere!

As Bedlam continues to grow and work out the kinks, this haunt will do wonderful things. Not only for Scottsboro, but for the Alabama haunt scene as a whole!

Make sure you get out to Scottsboro to experience Bedlam Extreme Haunted House!

warning: contains explicit language

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