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My final official article stop of 2022 brings me to Enid, Oklahoma. Nightmare Warehouse, a haunt that has been around scaring folks for 15 years. 

This is my first time experiencing this haunt and I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t know what to expect upon arrival. I honestly knew nothing about the haunt, I'd never heard of it until we met some of the crew while at OKC HorrorCon back in August. 

I am so very glad we met them because missing out on this haunt would have been a shame. 

This haunt was an absolute blast to experience!


They do a wonderful job with mixing in original pieces and Icon movie scenes and characters. But it is very horror movie driven and that is completely okay. 

I’ll say this, I’ve been to many haunts who attempt straight up horror movie scenes and characters and unfortunately a lot do not live up to expectations. Nightmare Warehouse not only lived up to expectations, they surpassed it.

The things that we all noticed while walking through was the attention to details in each scene. Not so much the details as in distressing the walls and all that. The attention to details when it came to honoring the movies that they were bringing to life.

Their take on Friday The 13th was one of the coolest things because they didn’t go with classic boathouse, lake vibe. They went with the whole cabin scenario and that made it a breath of fresh air when it comes to taking on that franchise in a haunted house. 

Their nightmare on Elm Street scene was fantastic and what made it even better was the actor playing Freddy. He did a phenomenal job and even looked and sounded great. The mask fit the actor perfectly, no floppy bib hanging out the shirt, it looked natural. Freddy is a VERY hard one to pull off in a haunt. You have to have the right actor that can hit all the checkboxes if you want to do the character justice. This one did just that and he got a great startle out of me as he perfectly timed his jump after hearing “Damn, I didn’t see Freddy, I missed him.”

I am torn on 2 scenes and that is the Ghost Face and Halloween scenes. Both were absolutely fantastic. I’ll be straight forward once again, these 2 scenes were the best I’ve ever seen and experienced when it comes to movie characters in a haunt.

The Ghostface scene quite literally scared the absolute hell out of me. The way they have it set up and how the actors time their scares is almost perfect, no scratch that, it was perfect. 

The thought process behind the Ghostface scene was perfectly executed and down right creepy. I never feared Ghostface one single time in my life until that scene. Kudos to the actors and the crew who designed it.

The other huge nod from us was the scene from Halloween. Yes, we’ve all seen numerous Michael Myers characters portrayed at countless haunts across the country. But it is not so much the actor playing them, Myers is scary to most and more times than not he can stand behind a bush and freak people out. How you take it over the top is you build multiple sets around him and put the patrons right in the middle as if they all are a bunch of babysitters trying to survive the Myers house.

It was a wonderful nod to the movie and the scares were intense, especially the very last one where Nightmare Warehouse can officially hold the claim to 2 things now. I’ve officially been startled by Ghostface and Michael Myers for the first time ever.

As for the rest of the walkthrough, you can expect that same type quality and homage paid to some of your favorite horror movies.

In Closing:

We truly had a blast at Nightmare Warehouse. As mentioned, a lot of haunts will just throw movie characters into their show and not exactly think it through or do them justice. This haunt goes above and beyond trying to bring your favorite horror flicks to life and do it as authentic as possible. I know I focused only on 2 or 4 things, but this haunt has so much more to offer. I’ll give another great scene that startled 3 of us while leaving our friend Giggz bent over laughing. The electric chair scene was absolutely fantastic and well thought out.

I know the season has ended for the haunt and you’ll just have to wait until 2023 to get out there and experience them. But if this article does anything, I hope it keeps this haunt in Enid, Oklahoma on your mind when it comes time to plan out your 2023 spooky plans.

I really hope to get the opportunity to come back and experience this haunt again in the near future!

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