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We went to the Sanctum of Horror Haunted Attraction on a Sunday night, but you could not tell it was a Sunday in early October. This place was crowded with so many customers you would have thought it was much later in October. I had so much fun and I did not want to leave. They stepped it up 100% from the last year we went before COVID. They had amazing entertainment out in the midway along with several vendors and a couple of roaming characters. The doctor was so good I just loved watching him as he did a great job and worked scaring amongst the crowd. They also had a slider who was simply amazing! I had so much fun watching the live band set right up in the front and center of the midway, crowded and the haunt characters interacting with customers why they were waiting in line. They had a band on a stage that performed off and on throughout the night. They had a tremendous drummer, one guitar player, and two plastic barrel drummers that stood up in front of the main stage. They played popular, I would say, horror favorites like Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson and more. Waiting was actually fun and went by fast due to the entertainment and fun filled atmosphere. We went into Sanctum first and it was just beautiful in a lot of aspects including the makeup, costuming, sets, lighting, sound, props, effects as all of these were on point. The Scare actors did a phenomenal job and really brought the whole thing to life, they made the show fabulous. The ending was so beautiful to me the lighting was jaw dropping and I loved it so much I did not ever want to leave. The sets have so much detail you want to stick around and really look at all of it and really soak it all in. They had some terrific effects inside as well. 


Next we went into The Breach and the actor at the beginning looked great and it really made a great first impression. Again amazing sets, lighting, sound, costuming, makeup, and effects, so well done. I love when you walk into a fog effect that is like a chemical quarantine. They had some great dark areas as well as Sanctum did too. They had an area where there was some kind of living egg sack. We loved the machine gun effect also. I don't want to give it away, but it was simply mind blowing. The ending was also so cool with a giant monster to end your horrifying experience.


This year you do not want to miss Sanctum of Horror and The breach, located in far east Mesa, AZ.


I love it so much I even had to get a shirt and a hat to wear to support such an amazing experience and both haunts. The family really put everything into it this year and it shows. I really want to go back in the day to just look at the beautiful artistry that went into the sets and just soak it all in. I also would love to do a walk through and get video to highlight the actors and how great they are in these two horrifying haunts. 


Get your Tickets NOW and support this “out of this world” family owned Haunted Attraction. 

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