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Ever since Scurryface began, we’ve been visiting a haunt out in Quinton, Alabama. A haunt that has been around since 1989 and one that is no stranger to strike fear into haunt goers. A little hidden gem called SpookTrail. 

Scurryface officially dubbed Spooktrail “The scariest damn haunt in Alabama” back in 2016. That STRONGLY still stands to this very day.

We were honored to be welcomed out by Spooky Bat and his entire crew for a private tour of Spooktrail. We came in with our Scurryface Family which included some local reps of Alabama, reps of Arkansas and our very special guest, International Scottish Rep, Vice Versa.

Leading up to this stop, I was trying to give Vice a fair warning and heads up as to how truly terrifying this haunt was. I wasn’t sure if she fully understood what she was about to get herself into. She was about to find out. I could tell on just the drive to the haunt she began getting slightly nervous due to how dark and curvy the roads were. The haunt  isn’t truly out in the middle of nowhere but driving on those roads at night really makes it seem that way. 

I think it’s the absolute perfect setup for the haunt.

We arrive at the haunt and if you’ve never been here, it truly puts off the Rob Zombie vibe. Like it’s a set straight off the House of a 1,000 corpses. 

I could hear a slight mumble from my passenger seat, “You got to be f**king kidding me..” I knew then that Vice’s world was about to be rocked.

We split our party into 2 groups, my group was My wife (Shannon) , my daughter (Avalyn) Hammerman (Rep from Nightmare at 3008) , Vice and myself. Of course we made Vice lead the group. As we stood before the entrance, we had to get the traditional Spooky Boo Bat speech. A speech that will laugh you to tears while equally giving you the creeps. 

Finally it’s time to enter after proving that we were not drunk by walking a painted yellow line. Not even 12 steps into the first scene, Vice was scared so badly that she fell straight to the ground. 

This became a very consistent outcome throughout the next 45 minutes of our experience. Time and time again, she was on her ass due to fear. She wasn’t the only one screaming in fear, my daughter who is a chip off the ol’ block was screaming her little head off the entire time as well. So much to the point where she ended up peeing her pants due to the constant scares.

The experience can last you as long as they want it to. There is no set time, like the name says it is a maze and you’re not getting out until they allow it.

The haunt is made up of junk and random items, it’s not your traditional “boo” style haunt with clear cut paths and scenes. It’s all built by hand from random things that they’ve accumulated over the years. Which amps up the creepy factor even more. 

With Vice and my daughter screaming the entire time, all you can hear from the back of our group is Shannon and Hammer laughing hysterically. 

I’m not going to shy away from being honest, Spooktrail scared the hell out of me too. Numerous times they got verbal reactions out of me throughout the experience.

I however spent more time picking Vice up off the ground or trying to catch her. The popular saying throughout was “Scotland is down, Scotland is down”. Spooky Bat finally told her “you might as well just stay down there, you’ll be better off.”

This was the most actors I’ve ever seen at this haunt and it was a privilege to watch them work and we are extremely grateful that they showed up to give us a show on a night that they are typically closed.

So a HUGE thank you to the entire crew for that!

We all spoke afterwards and agreed that the standouts were the bride and her kids. That was an insanely creepy but wonderful scene. The kids sold it so well and then continued to creep us out after the initial scare. Loved every second of it.


In Closing:

Spooktrail doesn’t have the budget like most haunts you see out there. They don’t do the crowds that you would see at most haunts. Spooktrail is an old fashion haunt that simply just scares the absolute shit out of you.

You don’t need all that fancy equipment, props and scenes to do the job. Spooktrail gives you what you want out of a haunted attraction. And that is to get scared.

The quote below stands and we dare anyone to disagree.

“SpookTrail Haunted Maze is officially The Scariest Damn Haunt In Alabama”

Actually, I’ll officially add to that fact. I’ve seen MANY haunted attractions throughout my tours. 

No haunt has EVER scared me like Spooktrail has.

So take this to the bank.

“Spooktrail is hands down the absolute scariest haunt I’ve ever experienced in my 11 years of touring haunted attractions”

Make the trip to Quinton, Alabama and tell them “I’m here to prove Scurryface wrong”....

You’ll see that we’re not.

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