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The Syracuse Walk of the Dead was a new haunt for us this year, so we weren’t really sure what to expect, but we were VERY pleasantly surprised!  To start, the ticket-buying process was a breeze, with the option to buy online from their website ( or on site.  The line wasn’t too long, and neither was the wait to go in.
While at the front, waiting for our turn to go in, we had the opportunity to speak with the owner for a few minutes about the haunt.  He informed us that it is actually fairly new, and that this is only their third year. The entire trail was hand built but the crew, but the props and attention to detail was outstanding once inside, so it’s plainly obvious how hard everyone worked.
The entire trail is about ¾ mile long, and it’s entirely outside, with a creepy cornfield on one side, adding to the effect.  The natural sounds of wildlife, like frogs and insects, only add to the creepy ambiance.  The actors were all great, and took cues from us so well.  After my mom (who usually ends up getting dragged along with me) got over the first few jump scares, she just breezed along and started interacting with the actors, leaving me behind to die!!  Apparently, maternal instincts stop working inside haunts.  She would use my name, so the actors would taunt me *personally* (thanks, mom).  She had a great time interacting while I screamed and panicked!
By the time we got to the end, she was still having a great time, and I thought I might need some new heart medication.  As we walked back to our car, we ended up back at the admission booth, where they also had a nice merch stand where patrons could buy all kinds of cute horror merch and goodies.  There was also a food truck on site to anyone needing or wanting something to eat.  Whether the truck changes each weekend or not, I’m not sure, but this weekend, the food was provided by Rocky’s pub, a local restaurant that offers standard all-American fare, such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, fries, pretzels, and nachos (and cheese sauce!), as well as hot and cold beverages.
Overall, this haunt is well worth the price of admission, which is $20 per person, but as this is upstate NY in October, remember to dress warmly if you get cold easily, because it does get chilly when the sun goes down, and wear good footwear, because the ground is flat and even for the most part, but safety is important.  
This is a great, great haunt run by awesome people, and is in a great location for anyone in central NY.  It’s just off of the thruway, exit 38, so very easy to get to, as well. 

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