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Scurryface is definitely no stranger to the infamous Woods Of Terror in Greensboro, North Carolina.

We made our 6th appearance this haunt season and as usual, WOT did not disappoint. 

If you have read our reviews and articles of this haunt since 2017, you noticed how we broke down each individual attraction with categories. 

We’re going to change it up this time and go a different direction.

Each attraction offers its own unique experience and immersion. From top tier scares to top quality scenes and visuals. Nobody can deny the quality production that Woods Of Terror offers each and every season.

Woods Of Terror has been scaring and entertaining haunt goers for 31 years and there are zero signs of them slowing down any time soon! They are only going to get bigger and better from here on out. That is evident with their newest attraction BrookHaven Asylum. We’ll get into that down the line.

We’re not going to break down each attraction because like I said, we’ve done that for years and no reason to keep churning out the same type of write up.

The things that I really want to shine a light on with this article is the things that I believe that makes Woods Of Terror great.

It’s 3 simple things:

~ The Actors ~

    ~ The entertainment value alone ~

~ The production ~


Let’s begin with the Production.

If you have been to Woods Of Terror, have you truly ever just looked around and realize how massive it is?

If you have, then you need to wrap your head around what it takes to bring that kind of show to life for haunt lovers everywhere. WOT’s production is out of this world. It takes A LOT more than a checkbook to pull it off. It takes amazing people working together with ideas and visions to bring it all to fruition. It’s not just Eddie McLaurin, it’s the team he surrounds himself with. 

It all begins the moment you enter the property, the production that is involved with this event is more than just the haunt experience. I know, you’re there for the haunt experience, I get it and we’ll definitely touch on that. But to me, it goes much deeper than that and that fact gets lost, taken for granted and overlooked by others who do what we do in the industry. The small details matter and you can catch them if you look closely, and at Woods of terror, it begins as soon as you arrive. So let's get to the production of the haunt itself. It is so extremely immersive with each attraction you venture into it’s almost as if they are able to pull you completely away from reality and place you right into theirs. That is evident with their Awakening, miners massacre, house of blood, horror movie classics, Blackbeards Revenge, Texas house and Asylum scenes. Not even scenes, they are like movie sets to be honest. Each of these attractions has an amazing production value of its own. I was absolutely blown away and in awe while experiencing the updated Awakening attraction and the brand new BrookHaven Asylum.  

If those 2 attractions were by themselves, they'd be worth the price of admission.

My point of shining a light on production is a nod to the entire Woods of Terror team that spent so many hours throughout the year to bring this incredible experience to life for all of you to enjoy. The hard work that this staff put into the haunt 100% does not go unnoticed and it is greatly appreciated by Scurryface and people like us who love the industry.

To the entire WOT production crew. Thank you for what you do, the show and experience is absolutely incredible this season!


The Actors:

Woods Of Terror has a special breed of actors. Something about these actors and actresses just sets them apart from most other haunts. They live and breathe Woods of terror and it shows through their performances. From the tireless training that they do in the summer heat pays off as soon as the first patron walks into the midway. WOT offers some of the most talented actors in one place that I’ve ever seen. Every time I walk through I try my very best to slow down so I can just witness them perform in their scenes. Most are all original characters with movie quality costuming and makeup, even the ICON movie characters look the part and that is hard to pull off in haunted attractions. Most times when you see them portrayed in a haunt, it comes off very cheesy or the wrong actor trying to play the part. When I visit WOT, I am fortunate to get to see a lot of the behind the scenes process with the actors. While talking and meeting new faces, I get to learn about the passion they have for acting and woods of terror. Once that opening ceremony happens and they walk out of the gate. You can see that passion come to life.

The core actors that call Woods Of Terror home is the heart beat of this haunt. 

They are the ones who make WOT a memorable experience for haunt goers.

WOT is also known to bring in a slew of guest actors each and every weekend. It’s a destination choice for a lot of haunter’s who want to be a part of something special. WOT is able to bring out talented actors and actresses from all over the country. Some just show up or ask to come out and they in most cases say, “come on!”.

 It is a great thing and it’s cool to see and be a part of. 


Entertainment Value:

“Woods of terror is so expensive” “Woods of terror is greedy”....

That’s the common complaint you’ll see online or from people who simply don’t realize or comprehend what they will see or what they’ll experience. If it’s people leaving the haunt saying that, their best bet is to just retire from visiting any haunted attraction going forward.

Let me be very clear when I say this. 

The midway experience at Woods Of Terror is 100% worth the price of admission on it’s own.

With all the vendors, shops, photo ops, activities, the opening ceremony, the band performing all night long and the actors constantly interacting. What else could you ask for?? Oh yeah, YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE THE HAUNT WHICH TAKES YOU AN HOUR TO COMPLETE!

But let’s claim the tickets are too expensive… 

No they are not and let me tell you why. You won’t find another haunt that gives this kind of quality entertainment while waiting to go into the haunt. Yes, other haunts have great entertaining midways but Woods Of Terror stands on it’s own when it comes to it’s “pre-show” entertainment. There’s nothing like it anywhere that I’ve experienced and I go to a LOT of haunted attractions each year.

Do these people think it should be free or should only cost an entry fee to a local pumpkin patch? Oh btw, WOODS OF TERROR OFFERS A PUMKIN PATCH.

There are many truths in this world and this is one of them. You 100% get your moneys worth plus more when visiting Woods Of Terror. You have an endless amount of entertainment given to you from the time you arrive until the time you leave.


BrookHaven Asylum

WOT’s newest attraction. After coming out of the purge I honestly forgot about the new attraction and began wondering where it was. Then the facade revealed itself and let me tell you this, it’s hauntingly beautiful. From the outside walls, the characters appearing within the windows, it’s truly amazing. And that’s just the outside. The inside is filled with so much detail from the authentic medical equipment, distressed walls, floors, ceiling and then add in the characters who brought it to life. It truly stands alone from the rest of the haunt. I absolutely love this new addition and immediately wanted to go back in for another experience. Remember what I said about the production team of Woods of Terror earlier in the article… This attraction is a masterpiece. 


In Closing:

Woods Of Terror never ceases to amaze haunt goers season after season and I’m included in that. They care about your experience, if they didn’t you wouldn’t get the production value of the show inside and outside the haunt. They want you to have the best experience you’ve ever had while at a haunted attraction. They know what they are doing, they wouldn’t have been around for 31 years if they didn’t.

 There are some so-called review groups or sites out there who don't think this place is a top rated attraction, it truly doesn’t matter what they think or claim. It’s irrelevant and here’s why.

 Woods Of Terror has solidified itself as one the nations premiere haunted attractions.

We at Scurryface didn’t label them that, Woods Of Terror earned that over the years. We just happen to agree with it because we know quality and recognize it when we see it!

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